"Best ten minutes of my life!"    T Mobile employee after a chair massage


 I had a pregnancy message and was so elated. There is always a little fear with doing anything new when pregnant . But Tammy was super professional and gentle. She brought all the right positioning tools to make me feel like a beauty queen. The fact that I fell asleep on the message table is a true testament to her work. When you're preggo comfort is rare. However Tammy made me forget my discomfort and I truly experienced sweet serenity. I recommend her work and character. Getting a massage from her will make you forget you cares and feel truly pampered.

Blessings, Jamilah


 "Thank you for your ministry of healing touch."      James, Special Forces


"I have had several massages from Tammy over the past 2 years but the most recent one was when I twisted wrong.  It  led to a bad pain in my neck and shoulder, so bad I can hardly move. I suffered for a couple of days then decided to call Tammy. She came and worked on me and it was AMAZING how much relief I felt as soon as I got off of the table, not to mention how much more relaxed I was. I could actually move and turn my head. After a day or two my pain was completely gone. I love how professional she is, but most of all I love the fact that she prays over me before she starts. I would and will go back to her at any time, and recommend seeing her for any reason, if you have pain or just want to relax!" 



"Best hour and a half of my life!"     former massage therapist and business owner


Tammy Harris is a dedicated and professional massage therapist. She continually strives for excellence in her work. I admire her passion for helping people heal their bodies naturally and to personally connect with or encourage each of her clients. Tammy is always studying and training to become more knowledgeable in her profession. She is a strong and tenderhearted individual and I highly recommend her services! 
"I can walk without pain!"   doula client after a prenatal massage
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