Manual Lymphatic Drainage

 The Lymph System - Our Body's Detox System

The lymph system is our body's natural detox system.  The lymph capillaries collect toxins, water, cell fragments, fats and proteins and send the fluid via collectors to the lymph nodes. There the waste is broken down by lymphocytes and macrophages that act as a filter, destroying microorganisms and abnormal cells.  Lymph nodes are important in fighting infection and enhancing the body's immune capabilities. From the nodes the lymph fluid is returned to the heart and becomes part of the circulatory system. 

Unlike the circulatory system the lymph system has no pump to move fluid through the body.  Movement of lymph is mainly through muscle movement and the act of  diaphragmatic (belly) breathing.  At times people will need help to move the fluid through their bodies. Manual Lymphatic Drainage employs a light directed touch that follows the pathways of lymph in the body.  The capillaries are opened through a perpendicular skin stretch then the fluid is gently directed towards  regional nodes responsible for the specific areas of the body being addressed. 


Effects of MLD

*Decreased edema (swelling)

*Increase volume of lymph production and the rate at which it is moved through the system (lymphangiomotoricity)

*Increase venous return

*Soothing effect on the nervous system

*Analgesic (pain reducing)

*Fibronolytic effect (helps break down fibrotic tissue)


MLD Indications


*Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

*Migraine Headache







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